Saturday, April 14, 2007

My head is going to explode I think.

年轻的美国女孩BRAND Y(白兰地)在珠海生活了大半年的时间,喜欢上了这里。她说来这纯属意外,她的一个朋友说珠海还不错,于是她跑过来。要问她中意这里的什么,她回答,人和环境,主要还是人。她站在淇澳老年人活动中心打麻将的老头老太后面,笑呵呵地说,她也会打麻将,是一些中国朋友教的。她能用中文说,那些老人出牌太慢了。其中文水平进步神速,归功于她常常和那些中国朋友呆在一起。外部环境其实对她并不太重要,她喜欢当下的生活,因为她很开心。"

That's a little excerpt from the local paper about me. Something to do with a comment I made about playing Mahjiang. I recently went on this tour with 2 bus loads of foreigners around to some historical sites. Would have been spectacular, minus the bucketloads of rain. When I get time I'll update the photo albums. I've got quite a few new things to show, and some great videos.

I'm starting now to prepare for a trip to beijing at the end of this month. Should be interesting, 22 hours on a train with two of my best and craziest chinese girlfriends. We'll see how that goes.

In other news, I'm a part time manager-ish of the bar now. I work there everynight and it's a little taxing, but still fun. When I get over this sore throat I should be better.

Of course, nearly killing myself last night didnt help. I put a cigarrette out into a trash can, thought I double checked it, but alas, 30 minutes later I woke up choking and crying from all the plastic burning smoke. But I'm mostly ok now.

Uhmm anything else exciting? I bought a new phone. Really nice second hand phone. I'm thinking of starting a business. And I'm not sure what's going on yet about coming home.

The boyfriend I have/had? is MIA. He doesn't call or text. So I'm a little frustrated. I've got a few other boys that are "courting" me so to speak, and I feel guilty. But I'm not letting that get me too aggrevated. I take everything with a grain of salt. Or try to.

Sorry for not being around online lately. Two reasons, I haven't been home much, and neither has my roommate's computer.

So without further ado, I must sleep.