Monday, June 26, 2006

Houston here I am!

Well after a rocky start, here I am in Houston, TX. We had a little mishap with Kevin's car, "the behemoth" as I call her, dying at the airport as we got our rental car.

Side note: As much as I hate SUVs, I am rather enjoying the Buick Rendevous we got. I feel dirty when I drive it tho and solace myself with the fact it's only for a week until I give up cars for a year (or more, hopefully).

Let's see, AL was uneventful, and we stopped in Jackson, MS to see one of Kev's old friends and have dinner at Cock of the Walk. It was a neat seafood place on the edge of the Resevior. I loved the menu. Catfish or Chicken Strips. Served with various sides like cole slaw, cornbread, etc etc. It was good.

Then there was Vicksburg, MS right before Lousiana. Where I went to my first Casino. I blew 10 dollars in a few minutes on penny slots and watched some people play blackjack but was too scared to sit down :) That, and I'm horrible at adding the cards correctly. That seriously hinders my game .. hehe.

So then we rolled into TX while I slept and then finally Houston!

So as we pull into Houston, Kevin gets to see the childlike side of me that's easily amused by tall buildings and shiny things. So as he pulls out the map to "navigate" I take a lovely downtown drive thru the city. Very nice on a Sunday afternoon. And surprisingly I didn't even go down any of the one way streets backwards ;) Yay me!
I got a bunch of pictures of buildings and stuff downtown. Which I'll get up on here soon.

So that's that. I think I'm going to go jump in that nice soft bed while I still can. Tomorrow we get our Visas at the consulate and then hopefully get all the way thru Texas.

LA or bust baby!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Today marks the beginning of the first leg of the trip to L.A.

We, of course, have to stop in Houston to get our Visas, but otherwise we've got 6 days to get from here to there.

I'm already tired :)

Sorry to everyone I didnt get to see before I left. I had quite a time of it... and I *just* finished packing my bags. I'm waiting for Kevin to get back with lunch and the rental car so we can load up our bags and set out west.

If anyone needs to reach me, Kevin's cell phone will still be working as far as I know. And if anyone wants to send me money I still take paypal ;)

and pictures!! I'm already finding great road side stuff :)
Like this one: Cheap SC Gas