Wednesday, August 15, 2007


apologies to the loyal fan base of readers interested in what new trouble brandy has be into lately.

i've been trying to get some time to blog for a few days but i've been extra busy with business meetings, a heavy teaching schedule, and trying to get some sleep.

currently i'm trying to negotiate a pay raise for me at my new job by bringing in business for my school. means i work a little more, but hopefully i can start making about 3000 extra a month at it.

i'm also still interested in my idea of starting a service business for foreigners and i've recently found someone interested into putting money into it. so... brandy the entrepreneur strikes again!

i've also spent some spare time writing a curriculm for an english course targeted towards women who want to learn basic english for marrige to foriegn men. this should prove to be interesting.i may even commute up to guang zhou for a while to get it kicked off. we'll see...

AND to boot, i'm still helping at live bar, finding bands to play, redesigning the menus, hiring/recruiting staff, and yeah...

i love it.

the busier i am, the better i work.

hopefully i'll be grossing over 12,000 RMB a month soon. hopefully i wont kill myself in the meantime.

i've also found a "potential" boyfriend. i'll still trying to sort out if he only likes me for english practice, sex, or money. i don't think it's the money because he's got his own internet cafe business. he's a few years older than me, handsome, and supposedly single. more investigation yet to be done :)

sandy and champ have also been living with me and ashley this summer. that's been good and bad. pictures of the new place are coming soon.

i miss you all, love you bunches....