Sunday, July 15, 2007

So, things are looking up....

As I've starting taking control of my life, things are working out really well. I've got two jobs lined up. I'll be teaching and earning lots of money. I'll also still be working for Live bar, just not *at* Live bar. I'm moving to the center part of town with a great friend of mine and Champ should be hanging out a lot this summer because of his internship. So that's exciting. Hanging out with those two guys will be good for me because they 1. care about me and dont want me to do anything stupid, and 2. are really really fun to talk and joke with and share serious things as well.

So right now I'm feeling pretty good. I realized that my decision to stay in China longer has really scared some people and shocked a few. But if you guys could just understand what a wonderful oppurtunity this is for me in my life to develop some discipline and grow up a little, you'd be all for it. And sure, I could do that in America... but there's something about that country that makes us all a little lazy. That's the first American trait I'm trying to shed, laziness!

Ok, well I hope that wraps up everyones questions for now. I'll keep everyone posted on the rest of the great positive changes and events going on in my life.

With Love,


J. said...

I'm broud of your decision to even go to China. Not many people could move to a different country.

jasonhellenberg said...

How many J's do you have in your life? :P
Good to hear your tramp down the Glory Road is turning out well. The more I hear how well you're doing, and see how you're changing, it's hard to know who you are anymore. i suppose i lost those rights a while ago, but i still miss my friend and water brother