Tuesday, October 17, 2006

My Musical Debut

So some friends showed me a new bar, since I'm anti-Sands bar now, due to the loss of my favorite waiters and a little political upheaval of sorts... and plus my legs are covered in mosquito bites from being outside so much. Anyways, it was a place with live music. Chinese music of course, but not terrible. And then the guitar player played and sang a nice jazzy version of Fly Me to Moon. So after he came off stage I talked to him a little. He only spoke a little english but enough for us to swap numbers because he said he had a friend with a saxophone that maybe I could play. We also talked about guitars and musicians. His favorites are Clapton, BB King, and Steve Vai. Very interesting. So then he asks if I wanted to jam, and I think sure after everyone is gone from the bar we'll jam. But no, he meant after the band plays. So that's how I found myself on stage in China with someone I just met who speaks very little english trying to think of songs to sing and play with him. Good thing I learned Tears in Heaven ;)

So without further ado:

Cool thing is, a few days later I got to meet the sax player. More to come.

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Anonymous said...

Oh NO!!!!! I can't believe Clapton has taken the place of "Stairway to Heaven" Now you've gone and made me feel OLD!!! Like you're Dad. (smile) I believe today is his 50th birthday....RIGHT?