Monday, September 25, 2006

Lazy Post day...

Snippets of an email I wrote to someone :)

There's an instant camraderie that comes from
being foriegners, so that there's always a wealth of friends around,
(as long as you dont mind the occasional asshole who doesnt know how
to act in a different country) and some of the most fun people i've
met are my chinese friends, who's fluency level is so high they
understand my sarcasm. So at least I'm not lonely. Ok, not terribly
lonely. I'm still a far cry away from being able to sit down and have
a nice chat with someone about anything of substance that would allow
them to get to know the "real" me. But then, as you've seen, the real
me is a little scary. haha.

Other good things, I'm losing weight. Without trying. And my goal of
drinking water everyday is now a reality that I dont even think about,
because otherwise with the heat and amount of walking I do, I have to
drink. So the total so far is about 7 lbs. 3 months, 7lbs. Woo hoo! So
I think now I'm going to actually try and lose weight and see what

I'm also doing really good with my goal of learning chinese. It's not
as hard as I initially imagined and I've got plenty of places to learn
from. I study books when I'm bored at home... I listen to lessons on
my ipod when I'm taking a long bus trip.. and then of course there are
my chinese friends.

I used to feel bad about asking them "how do you say this in chinese"
but they do the same thing to me in english sometimes, so I guess it
all works out. We havent even started the "free" chinese lessons that
the school offered us yet. They keep saying, well we're waiting for
the semester to settle so that we know everyone's schedule and we can
organize them. I hear they're pretty useless anyways. By now I might
even start in the intermediate class... but I'm not sure.

So losing weight, and speaking another language and being hot shit
when I return to America so I can tell all those boys that didnt want
me to go f--- themselves... I'm right on track! haha!!

But there's much more that I'm doing and learning here. It's really
good. It's really the best thing I've done in my life. I still haven't
figured out what I'm going to do with my life. However I do know it's
not teach kindergarden kids! No matter what language they speak! OMG.
Teaching is the hard price I pay for loving living in China I think.


Anonymous said...

glad to see something from you.sounds like you're on the right soon
Love Dad

Anonymous said...

Hey Brandy,
Just wanted to let you know that we do keep up with you and we miss you. Congrats on the weight loss. I know the nurse in me harps on that, but I believe you are going to see so many benefits to it. It sounds like you already feel better. By the way, I am proud of you in general!
Love you,

Anonymous said...

I guess maybe if you get another post from Mom you will see the whole family misses you. So dont you ever check your messenger for offlines? Mom won't worry if she hears from you. Jordan says tell Bran hello. We miss you.