Thursday, September 21, 2006

Starting a band?!?

I'm pulling things together here so that hopefully I can play some music. There's Lenny, a teacher here at TPR from New Zealand who plays guitar (mostly lead stuff I think), Martin (formely known as Kelvin) a chinese staff member at TPR on the keys and singing, and then myself maybe as back up vocals/rhythm guitar and definetly sax player. We're going to get together in the next two weeks to jam and see how it goes. There's also a drummer, Michael a chinese staff member at TPR who plays drums. It's just so neat because one person has a friend with a studio, Lenny used to produce and mix music and such back home... so if it works out that we play well together, we can really play!

I went today and listened to Martin play piano and sing. It was amazing! And of course he was very humble about it. I can't wait to get together and see what all of us can come up with.

I'll be sure to keep everyone updated on my formation of a band :)

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