Monday, September 4, 2006

The State of Affairs

Well Michelle left yesterday. The house and china feel very different without her presence. She was nothing but kind to me and it was amazing to have met someone like her here halfway across the world. Daniel cried when she left. It was sweet.

So now life has to go on. I'm now one of the "old teacher" here at TPR and soon we'll be getting in new recruits. It will be interesting. I've already compiled a list of "Michele's Helpful Hints" for the new person. Sadly I won't be able to contribute quite the same way Michele helped me, but I can at least pass on the few things I know.

Let's see, what else is new... Oh! I just got back from a job interview. A random guy on the bus one day starts speaking english to me. Turns out he's a recruiter for the Guangdong Institute of Science and Technology. We swapped numbers and he sent me some information about the position of Foriegn English teachers. It sounds pretty nice. Furnished apt on campus, 16 hours/week, more if I want, more pay, etc etc. So after taking an EXTREMELY long and expensive taxi ride I get to the campus and meet with Ben. He takes me up for an interview, but before we even get up to the buildings he says, "You do have a B.A. right?" shit.

So now I'm faced with a slight dilemna. I found out that you can buy a degree online basically that will be good enough "supposedly" for China to take it. They don't really care where it's from because they just have to go thru the beuacracy of you having a degree. All they want is a native american speaker. So for $50 USD I can get a degree. Hmmmm....

Dunno. But I also have some other unexpected expenses that cropped up. Like, my sick cat. I think it's got worms. But it's very hard to explain this to the vet that speaks no english. Oh, and I broke my glasses. It just keeps getting better.

Anyways, I know this blog isn't exactly fulfilling but I'm off to the doctor's.

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