Saturday, November 25, 2006

Post-Thanksgiving Post

The photo is from our leftover dinner at Holiday Inn. All I have to say about it was overpriced and not what mom makes. :) Next holiday I'm cooking!

So, this isn't exactly a China post, it's more of something personal. But that's only because I'm dying to connect to people on less than in a superficial way.

So I'm doing something very special tonight... At the request of my good friend Champ, since it's the weekend, and that's when I work, I'm *gasp* staying at home. Champ is my good friend but also my newest teacher assistant for my kindergarten classes. So he's been a little concerned about me. With good reason. While I've been keeping really busy and having lots of fun, I've also started neglecting important things about myself. So after our little heart to heart tonight I've decided to post something I found while doing some cleaning and straightening of papers I've been meaning to sort since before China. I ran across this little tidbit scribbled on notebook paper stuffed in my haphazard journal. And what perfect timing to boot. I'm not sure exactly when I wrote this, but I'm guessing by the content I was about 13 or 14. Whew. Ten years. It does go faster and faster doesn't it. Without further ado (try not to laugh too hard)

Things I'm Thankful for.
I'm thankful...
for God's grace. life. all 5 senses. the lessons I've been taught so far in life. A sunrise. A good sense of humor (especially in the worst situations) my musical abilities. The people that have no reason (but still do) care about me. For a great dog Max, my friends. Technology I am exposed to. The big rock beside my house. Asparagus. My sister. The opportunities I've been given. Warm bed at night. My cousins. A nice house. Food. My dad's unconditional love. For the bible. Electricity. My hair. The mountains. For the ability to differentiate between good and bad. Free will. God's plan in my life (even though he won't tell me what it is) good music. Bad music (so I can tell what is good music) a computer. My weird sense of logic. That my memory blots out the bad things in my childhood (actually, most of my childhood)my writing talent. My Sunday-school teacher. That somewhere, somebody understands exactly what I'm talking about (even if it's nowhere near here). That I have more to learn. That life isn't as predictable as I predict it to be. That my little brother was born. That he wasn't born twins. That my best friend still calls me just to talk. Alarm clocks. Backpack. Cubed steak and scalloped potatoes. More than 1 language in the world. For fads that I don't follow. For words that rhyme. Appliances. Stars. Water. The beach, but not the sand. Mirrors. Pictures. Adolph sax. For people that agree with me when I say "drugs are stupid" bubble baths.

yep, there ya go. a peek into my young innocent life. my my.
ok, now i'm going to go get ready for bed before 12. let's see how long this lasts.

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Jennifer said...

Wow. I remember that Brandy. She was... very... different. But no less creative or talented. :)