Monday, February 5, 2007

New House, New Number

Pictures are still on the way, I promise. But I'm still cleaning from the aftermath of the housewarming party. So please bear with me. Also...

You can still call me for free using those numbers I gave you, but I have a new cell phone, and no house phone. If you call those other numbers, I have no idea who will answer.

So my new cell phone is 15919281160.

I'm still uncertain as to whether or not I'll be traveling for the New Year's holidays... seems like a few of my friends will still be in town. I wanted to go up to beijing, but really decided agaisnt it, in that JEEBUS it's cold kinda way.

In other news, I think I'm getting a tattoo to signfy my chinese-ness :) I'm still designing it, but it's going to be a white orchid. a Bai Lan. which is the first two characters in my chinese name. Bai Lan Di. When you add that third character it changes from beautiful flower, to brandy, the alcohol. My name is a great conversation starter. It's like running into someone named Tequila or something.

Hmmm anything else? I bought a really big toaster oven and I'm currently on the hunt for a pan to fit inside. Soon I shall be cooking western style food again. I've not cooked since I been here and I kinda miss it. Also it seems to impress any chinese person when you say you can cook. I don't think it's something that everyone can do. I mean back home everyone can cook, but shit we all use microwaves right? :)

Ok well I've got 6 more hours of teaching to get started on this week. Just the VIPs. Then a two week vacation. *sigh* life here is so hard ;)

miss you, love you all (most of you)

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Anonymous said...

Hey Brandy, this Ryan Wilson ( just in case you forgot)
I havent heard from you in a while. Been missin ya in the states ( no im not on crack, just alot cigarettes!!!). I like the new apt. I am trying to finding a new apt..But every one I have been by to see pretty much sucks. I am still on the search for one. My parents wont get the hint that I wont take a roommate!! I rather live by myself. I love life right now. Yes, being back in the single life is fun!!! But I been making more friends down in Macon and just chillin down there. Life is good. Talking about tattoos. I am getting one next week. Kinda of a tribute to my grandfather in a way. I am getting my middle tatto on me with some scottish style mixed with it. Yes, if you never seen my myspace page, everybody calls me Zolly pretty much now. I like the change. It kinda gives me a new identity. The ability to change my life for the better in a way. But I hope to hear from you soon and keep in touch. My cell is 478-993-5103... I have your cell now and I will hopefully contact ya soon...just let me know when a good time to call is..i know your super busy.. Take care...