Tuesday, February 27, 2007


I put new because I have 3 new things now! The first one I mentioned in my last post. A new look! The contacts are going well, I can get them in and out fairly quickly now, however I still can't tell which was is the right side. So other than putting them on the wrong way, I'm pretty comfortable. I'm sure it only gets easier.

Ok, the second and third new things are both contained in this picture:

Not the best picture in the world, but I'm sure there will be more! So as of 3 days ago, I agreed to "settle" down, so to speak, and get a boyfriend :) I met him thru the singer at Live bar. He would come to see her sing and met me on one of the many occasions I was singing/playing there. He didn't speak much english, and my chinese is only good in controlled conversations, so we didn't really say much to each other those times in the past month or so, except for "wow you're pretty today, you sound really good, and you're chinese is good" to which i would reply, "thanks" and smile and blush. Then, for chinese new year, somehow he got my phone number and sent me a nice happy new year's text message. his number wasn't in my phone so I asked who it was, and we started chatting by text message (with my chinese friends help, since it was all in chinese) i'm getting fairly ok with reading some chinese words and phrases now, but still not good enough. anyways... so we agree to meet at the bar because he wants to hear me play some more. and after i finished playing i sat with some new friends and started drinking johnnie walker (**ugh**) about 2 hours later, I was feeling pretty confident with my chinese, so I boldy walked over and started chatting with him. It was really neat. It started to get really late so we went to get something to eat. then i invited him back to the house, and we continued to talk all night long. so long in fact, we didn't sleep and he had to go to work at 7:30! I felt a little guilty but not much. But during this little chat I learned a lot of things about him, mostly that he's really sweet and kind-hearted. I asked him as many questions about life as I could think of :)

Then the next day I got to see him again, so I also had a little chat with his cousin the singer about him. I dunno. I'm feeling kinda weird about the whole thing now. I mean it is really strange, but it's also really comfortable. He's totally smitten with me, that much I don't need language to tell. And it's not just that, want to sleep with me, kinda smitten either (altho I'm sure that's in there too) So, I figured, why not give this a try? it's better than looking like the bar slut, because i flirt with all the guys there. and it's always nice to have a companion. it'll be great for my chinese, if nothing else! i'm also just really scared about hurting him. i know that chinese people tend to be a little more serious about these whole "feeling and emotion" things. I'm afraid I've been hurt and gotten to bitter to be able to do those sorts of things anymore anyways.

But here's for trying! :)

And the other new thing is the cat! Not sure if I'm going to get to keep him because Joe (my roommate) seems to think that it's an unlucky cat. And if you've ever tried to argue with someone who's (for lack of better word) religous about their superstitions, you'll know what a bind I'm in. So we'll see how the cat thing works out. And the 新的男朋友!(new bf)

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