Sunday, July 9, 2006

Asian Strangelove or How I learned to stop worrying and love the bar.

So yesterday we got our teaching schedules. I'll be teaching kindergarten classes, Monday thru Friday, 8:00-12:00. Which is really good if you consider I have evenings and weekends off. And plus the kids are soooo cute. But this also freaked me out a little bit because I basically have to spend hours and hours dancing, playing games, and singing with them. I've never taught little kids...or any kids for that matter.

So I was stressing out over my books. My thoughtful roommate said to take my mind of things we'd go out. So after a bit we met up with Duncan and Daniel and walked about 10 minutes to the only pizza shop in town (run by a non-local obviously) where we had delicious pizza and cheap beer. My favorite combination. It's also a hangout for non-TPR teachers, so I met about 5 new people last night as well. K.J. being one of them. She lives near the pizza shop, works next to her apt, and never really gets off the block. So she wanted to go down to "Bar Street." Everyone else in our party had been but me. So they coerced me into going with them. We only went to one club, so I didnt get to see the rest of the street. Perhaps next time. But I had a lot of fun. The club itself was interesting. It was very VERY loud. And even when people were speaking english to me I couldnt hear. I figured out how to order drinks by pointing at someone else's. So I ended up with Jack and Coke :) Everyone else by this time was dancing. And there I was sitting at the bar drinking and smoking my precious cloves (they dont have them anywhere around here) when they started dragging me onto the floor right in front of the DJ's booth. The music there was in english and very VERY funny. the only songs I remember are the "are you going to San Fransico" remix and a mix of that crazy frog noise and the them from Beverly Hills cop. No joke. I spent more time laughing than dancing I think :) So amidst all these asians flailing about were us 4 westerners and it tickled the guys pink when all the ladies danced together. So at one point this one asian girl, Coco, started dancing with me. She had me pushed all the way agaisnt the speaker and wouldnt let me move. Everyone was just laughing and laughing. I was getting very embarrased. But it was pretty fun. Michelle and Daniel even got up on a platform and did some pole dancing. I WISH I would have had my camera for that. I also feel very sorry for the poor taxi driver that had to take us home. We were all laughing and carrying on so loudly. I'm sure he didnt understand a word of it. Or at least I hope he didnt :) And let's just say I've got a helluva hangover today as well.

Anyway, so that was my adventure at Red Club. I miss Poor Paul's. OR anywhere you can have a conversation over beer and darts really.

I'm also dissapointed that in the first week I've been here I've already done all three of the activities there are to do. Eat, Shop, and go to the club. What am I going to do for the rest of the year ;)


Anonymous said...

(SMILE) It's hard to convince Mom you need money for things like toilet paper and essentials when you get to go out clubbing. What's wrong with this picture? You're living it up it seems, or spending it up, either way, I suggest that you pace yourself. Like you have a whole year and it's only been a few weeks. Love you!

Brandy said...

for the record i bought one drink. the other rounds were bought by other friends or random chinese guys :) it's amazing how far you can get just smiling and pointing at their beer, hehe.