Friday, July 7, 2006

Today's Adventure: The Hospital

Today the new teachers had to go and get our exams done. I must say I was fairly pleased that for four of us it only took 3 hours. That's travel time included too. We had X-Rays, Physicals, Blood Work, and Ultrasounds. It was just kinda weird to be in a hospital with no cold air or aneseptic smell. Everything was mostly sterile. I didn't see her clean the little ear-scope thing out and there was no little plastic cover. But oh well, right? If I was worried about germs and sterility I'm guessing this wasn't the place to choose to live for a year.

Other than that things are great. Still doing the training, classes start next week I believe, but I haven't gotten my schedule yet.

In addition to learning about Chinese culture, thanks to the plethora of new teachers, I'm learning about other parts of the world as well... There's Daniel and Travis from Austrailia, Amanda, Michael and Duncan from England, Brian from Ireland, and Uva from Germany. It's been interesting.

Welp that's all for now I guess, if you have any questions class feel free to comment :)

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