Wednesday, July 5, 2006

Photoshopping and the best 2 dollars I ever spent.

So perhaps everyone remembers me showing you this beautiful picture of Zhu Hai. The lush mountains with the profile of tall hotels all overlooking the beautiful blue ocean. Well....

it's no ocean. It's the sea. and it's not blue. it's BROWN. and dirty and icky. apparently, for tourists sake, they go thru the trouble on all the literature i've seen so far, of making it all blue. when it's obviously brown. all the time.

but everything else is fine :)

and now onto the second half of this report about the best 2 dollars I ever spent.
so there's this hair parlor right across the street from my apartment. angel's. and boy was it like heaven. one of the other teachers who has been here for six months (tho not in this particular city) asked if i'd ever had my hair washed. i was like, of course, i do it every day (twice here because of the humidity and sweating) but after dinner last night we went to the salon and he introduced me this glorious treat known as hair washing. they spent 30 minutes shampooing and massing my head, then my arms and shoulders and back and legs. mmmmmmm... then another 20 minutes drying and straightening my hair. all for the low low price of 15yuan. which is almost 2 dollars. i felt so guilty the entire time. and tipping isnt customary here.

i think i may become spoiled :)

anyways, off to training and orientation today!!!

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