Friday, July 28, 2006

Finally... a really good day

Not only is it because it's Friday... it's because my classes went very well today. The first class of 12 had a lot of fun as we learned about UP and DOWN today. I had them jumping around like monkeys. I also coaxed them into helping me color flashcards. The book I use with them doesnt come with flashcards like the normal books. So we just made our own. Fun stuff.
Then the next class went very good as well. After making them write so much the other day, now they are scared and know that when I raise my voice that I mean business. The Hello/How are you? line up went well... and then we actually got to play a few games. We're working on "across from/next to, and behind" so I arrange about 4 them in the chairs in the front of class and drag them in different positions and then play team quiz games where I ask them "who is next to, who is behind" things like that. And it actually went pretty well. The winners and volunteers all got stickers. And then at the end of class, since it's Friday... I brought in the guitar that Daniel let me borrow. I play BINGO and Twinkle Twinkle.. .and the I pick someone who is sitting quiet and nicely and let them strum while I change chords and sing their name. They LOVED it! And so it makes you feel pretty good when you have a good day with them. Let's hope my adult class goes well tonight.

I miss everyone (ok mostly everyone...) and would love to hear from some of you guys that havent emailed me. I'm not sure who's reading this or not. Leave some comments or something!!

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