Tuesday, August 1, 2006

More about the pictures...

Some of pictures in this album need a little more explanation I think :)
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1 - 4. Some really strange fruit, one you take the outer pink stuff off it kinda looks like a little onion inside, but they're sorta sweet. Sorta.

5. Is the most beautiful cat ever, newly named Snow White. Everytime I have to take the 13 bus I walk up Flower St. That's where Snow White and Garfield (the orange cat) are always tied to this tree. They're really sweet and playful. It's always a joy. People also enjoy staring at me as well.

6. A picture Michelle took. I thought it was really well done. So I included it :)

7. Michelle and one of her students.

8. Beautiful skyline.

9 - 11. So there is a Muslim noodle restaurant that we go to. The best thing to order there is "Do Jao" which is this green bean, beef and rice platter. Only 5RMB. They make the noodles right there so you can see. It's pretty nifty.

12 - 13. Ahhh the supermarket. As Michelle and I were trying to get these pictures some of the employees made us leave. I think that they thought we were inspectors or something. Either way. It's gross :)

14. Yummy eh?

15. That's the bookstore across from my building. If you notice on the top floor there are people sitting in the windows. Apparently they dont have public libraries here so people just go to the store and sit and read.

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J. said...

How many dollars makes up a RMB? Any pictures of machine guns?

Anonymous said...

Bran, I am concern about this acupunture, You know Mom pretty much will try anything once, twice to make sure she likes it but PLEASE make sure those needles are new and clean. Hep C is NO JOKE!!!!