Tuesday, August 1, 2006

New Pictures & Lesson Learned

I put up a few new albums todays... These were taken by Michelle. There's some pictures of a day by the pool we had for James' bday last weekend. There's also some different food here in China. Then there's the album of the neighbor kid that stops by to visit. And then there are some of Daniel, Michelle, and me at our ghetto mexican food night, and a night before we went out to bar street. Fun stuff.

And more importantly the lesson that I learned this past weekend...Michelle was right. I was thinking that maybe because she's been here so long that she didn't like people because she was the mean one or something to that effect. bUt after this past weekend... I don't like the white guys here either. At least not white guys that have been in China for any extended length of time. It's not just the fact all they want to talk about it sex with chinese women or how much they think of themselves, they also tend to be big assholes when drinking. Which is what everyone does most of the time they're not teaching, right? I think they're giving foriegners a bad name as well. Ex. We were at this resturant by the sea, nice place. Uncrowded as well, because of the sporadic rain. So there's maybe 20 foreigners there drinking and talking. I already feel out of place because I'm younger than most of them, and have been here only a month, where as most of them 6 months to several years. So our little table shared a small keg of beer (108RMB) and as we get towards the end of it, one of the guys knocks it over, spilling beer everywhere. Does he apologize and offer to buy another one? Of course not. He blames it on the poor waiter who rushed over after the fact to help clean up. Then he demands a free keg. No one did anything. (Not even me sadly, I was too angry) What I didn't realize then, was that the poor waiter probably had to pay for it, or even worse could have lost his job. I knew that it was wrong of him to do that, but I didn't know it would be that bad. I mean they were just obnoxious the entire night. And I tried to talk to different people, but they were all the same. Maybe it was me, and I just exude hatred of ignorant people. But I figure if I was drinking and I *still* had a bad time, it must have been really bad.

The best part was sitting by the sea listening to the surf and looking at the city lights and the moon reflect on the water. I will definetly go again, but hopefully not with any of the foriegners.

Anyways, off to the doctor with me! Hooray for needles!

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