Friday, August 4, 2006

What did I get for my bday?

A typhoon washed ashore, oh yeah.. and the flu!!
I've been sick for the past few days yet the teaching goes on. I can't cancel classes because then I will make no money. Which btw, payday is coming soon! Hooray!

No, actually my birthday turned out really good. Michelle gathered a bunch of people together and we went out to this great indian resturant. There was a lady dancing every so often, and the garlic cheese naan was to die for!!

Then we ended up the evening by heading down to good ol'Bar Street. But because of all the wind and rain no one was really out. So for the first time we actually got to sit and talk and had a good time. And drinking of course. For the record, I still really don't like beer for mass quanities of drinking. Come to think of it, I don't really like drinking mass quanities anyways. Truth be told a rum and coke or two and I'm happy and warm enough for a whole evening.

Then the dancing began. Again, no one at the club. So it was basically watch the white people dance time.. which makes me really paranoid. So I just sat with the guys and drank. Did I mention the doctors went out with us?

The pictures will speak volumes :)

Anyways, between the kids being really good and making me cute little cards and things, and the cake with weird fruit on it, and then the great nap i had, and the new shoes I bought... yeah it was an interesting 23rd bday in China.


Cristisha said...

haha, fun, young TCM doctors going out for a drink at the club w/Brandy and friends! That sounds like a recipe for an enjoyable evening.

J. said...

Happy birthday!!!

Jennifer said...

Hey, happy extended birthday (it's not late, you just get to celebrate it longer!)

In my defense, by the time your birthday reached me, it would almost be over anyway.

I'm just making a point.