Tuesday, August 8, 2006

My new Chinese friends

So yesterday I discovered that I really dont mind hanging out with people that barely speak my language. They're often times more interesting than the foriegners here.

So one of my adult students lives near where I live and he drives (which I think is rare unless you have lots of money, which his dad does) And he offers to drive me home after class. Which is much better than a twenty minute bus ride. So we've made quite a habit of it. Then one day he brings his friend in to visit class. A cute young guy as well... but he obviously doesn't need the class as he's better than most of my students. But afterwards Allen (my regualar student) said he had to drive his friend Gary back to Macau and go buy some shoes and asked if I wanted to come along. So I did. (Even tho I was supposed to be cooking dinner for Daniel, meh) I did try to call and let Daniel and Michelle know I was going out, but never got them. Anywho, we had a nice time chatting and shopping and eventually going out to eat. We swap numbers and go our merry ways. That was Sunday.

Then yesterday I get a phone call around lunch and it's Allen and he wants to take me out around Zhuhai because there are only a few places I've been. I meet him outside my place and he's got a cousin and a different friend in the car. Their english is even more limited than Allen's so it's difficult talking to them and so it was a little odd. So Allen took me to his father's company where they sell marble and granite and things like that for home decoration and hotels and things like that. It was neat. We had tea and I met his dad. then they showed me where they cut the stones. It was very loud, and all the workers didnt know what to make of me.

So by this time it's almost 5 o'clock, so instead of going back home I ask Allen to drop me off at the Xin Xiang Zhou branch so I didn't have to take the bus and I could work on my lesson plan. But I ran into Brian a foriegn teacher from New Jersey. He had just finished teaching one of those horrible summer camps things like I have to, so we started talking about that and bouncing around ideas. Then we decided to go to that Brazilian BBQ place next door to the school. As we were sitting there two girls came up and said that it was one of the girls bday and if there were four people they could get a cake. So we let them sit. They turned out to be pretty cool. They go to the university nearby and are not from the Guangdong provence so they dont speak cantonese. They thought it was pretty cool that I knew so much chinese for only being here a month. They also took lots of pictures. I uploaded those today, so be sure to check them out.

Today I'm going to the doctor again. Other exciting news I got a part-time job giving lectures/classes at a nearby hotel. Only 1 hour a week, but it pays 100RMB. Woo hoo! I'm also going to save up this next months paycheck so I can go to Thailand with Daniel and some friends for his birthday in late September.

As for my sickness, I'm almost over my cough. It's now that deep chest hacking bronchitis like cough. Which I think scares people on the bus :)

I saw that Kevin bought a guitar, but when I tried to give him tips I dont think he was interested, so whatever. Good luck to him.

Anyways... lunch time!

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