Thursday, July 27, 2006


Ok, so cancel that whole depressed rant about no money. I got some birthday money today and I can buy my own food again. Hooray!

Also my class o'little monsters went better today because yesterday I punished them severly by making them write! So today they were (almost) perfect little angels. Which is nice for keeping the headaches away.

Otherwise, things are great. No intersting stories just yet. I hope to have more pictures as soon as I get a new charger for my camera. I want to get pictures of the surrounding area. Oh, and of the neighbor :) His name is Shao(sp?) Wang, which literally means, Little Wang, which is the family name. This still tickles me to no end, even tho it's pronounced Wong. Anyways, jokes aside, he's the cutest little kid ever. He's 20 months old his mom told me. He lives with his grandparents, dad and mom. Occasionally they leave the door open and he wanders around in the hallway and if our door is open he'll wander right in. He knows Michelle fairly well so he likes to come over and visit if he can. Last night however, he shut the door while she over at the neighbors. Which sucked for her since I had a late adult class last night. And the bus took forever. So when I came home she was at their house eating cantelope at like 10pm. Her chinese is decent enough for her to at least comminucate with them. If it were me I would have been freaking out. But anyways, he likes to come over and point at our fish and dance with us. It's precious.

Anyways, more to come later :)

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J. said...

When is pay day?